Energy and Utilities


Energy and Utilities

Your needPossible concernsHow can onStage help
You need to supply mobile apps accessing backend systems:
•Monitor in real-time for equipment faults, distribution fluctuation or network faults via mobile app presentations
•Distribute B2E applications such as TTS, time tracking systems, and service call
•Distribute external applications with customer information, energy saving suggestions, rate information, office location, contact information
In this case your main concerns will be to:
•Create secure connections with all the actors around the world
•Handle any possible process and workflow, from the easiest to the most complex business processes
•Optimize data flow for mobile use
In this case, onStage API Management can:

•Provide single sign-on for mobile users and authentication for customers and partners
•Integrate and securely expose partner’s information to mobile apps
•Provide secure mobile access to consumer information
•Enable single sign on access from any mobile device

You need to modernize your legacy systems:
•Modernize IT infrastructure in order to support smart grids, smart meters and smart apps
•Compete on the market with new services whenever (and wherever) customers need them
In this case your concerns will be to:
•Efficiently harness high-volume and high-velocity data generated by multiple sources (smart meters and appliances)
•Connect smart grids and smart meters to mission-critical applications
•Easily comply with new standards
In this case, onStage API Management can:

•Enable a bi-modal approach thus decoupling the ordinary updates from the marketing needs
•Secure integration of back-end siloed data
•Leverage existing assets to preserve past investment and be ready for a digital transformation

You need to expose third-parties’ services that have to be integrated into your infrastructure securing and managing all types of data exchange.In this case your main issues will be to:
•Provide a harmonic service catalogue to your entire global B2B network
•Partner with external app developers and service providers to open new business opportunities
•Securely expose data to and from upstream and downstream partners
In this case, onStage API Management can:
•Enable a bi-modal approach
•Orchestrate services and processes into a front-end decoupling them from the data model that governs the underlying back-end services
•Create and govern an open API Layer for your partner ecosystem decoupling it from your Back Office systems