Your needPossible concerns How can onStage help
You need to drive engagement and therefore conversion:
•Attract third-party partners, affiliates, and merchandisers to increase sell-through opportunities
•Deploy new customer digital channels to drive acquisition, retention, and share of wallet
•Inspire greater engagement among partners, suppliers and others in your trading community
In this case your main issues will be to
•Enable loyalty program authentication, usage, and orchestration across multiple loyalty partners
•Monitor via mobile apps, customer preference and location in real time
•Partner with external app developers and service providers to open new opportunities
•Deploy and maintain mobile shopping apps
In this case, onStage API Management can:
•Provide customers with digital channels for billing and delivery tracking
•Monitor customer preference and location
•Create and govern an open API Layer for your partner ecosystem decoupling it from underlying Back Office systems
•Provide actionable analytics to support business operations
You need to simplify access to internal and external systems for a personalized and immersive customer experience on mobile and web:
•Be more responsive to your customers
•Integrate information across multiple stores
•Integrate data of retailer and manufacturer
•Build a secure and agile data integration infrastructure
In this case your main issues will be to
•Optimize data flow across distributed data centers and domains
•Enable social sign-on
•Provide secure mobile access to consumer information
•Provide real-time insight into your data flows and processes in order to be able to detect and respond proactively

In this case, onStage API Management can:
•Respond quickly to customer demands for new real-time services by combining internal and external APIs to create new mashups
•Orchestrate services and processes and merge data into a front-end view specific to the customer needs

You need to manage growth in the case of dynamic and high traffic events (such as holiday shopping):
•Quickly build and release applications that boost satisfaction and loyalty
•Use analytics to understand and predict what works and what doesn’t
•Proactively identify and resolve process issues prior to impacting business

In this case your main issues will be to
•Handle any possible process and workflow, from the easiest to the most complex business processes
•Use analytics to detect weak spots and to respond proactively
•Track the overall process by counting, evaluating and measuring against service level agreements
In this case, onStage API Management can:
•Enable a bi-modal approach thus creating a digital ecosystem that supports rapid changes and releases
•Create a single view of the customer’s Journey coupled with relevant analytics

You need to tightly integrate customer experiences across channels and systems for greater impact:
•Build a secure and agile data integration infrastructure
In this case your main issues will be to
•Drive real-time information flow across the entire customer lifecycle
•Take advantage of cloud and mobile channels

In this case, onStage API Management can
•Expose content to any device via secure, managed APIs
•Enable single sign on from any device