onStage Bridge


onStage SE Bridge is the modern alternative to the Genesys Bridge Web Services Data Dip Connector

At beginning of 2019, Genesys announced that starting from December 31st, Genesys Bridge is going to be deprecated. PureCloud customers and partners must find a replacement solution, by guaranteeing the reliability and security of the integration environment.

The Solution

onStage SE Bridge, built on onStage API Framework, is able to perform a robust integration between PureCloud and customers’ systems or services, whether they are on premise or in the cloud.  

The onStage Server is the component that can reside inside the customer environment, replacing perfectly the Genesys Bridge server, without changing already developed API or web services. 

Fast handover of Genesys Bridge

Secure and robust technology

Documented for fast enablement

onStage SE Bridge needs just an outbound access to onStage Cloud services, giving to the solution a high degree of security.

On top of the above features onStage SE Bridge can provide many other features in:

– Security Management

– Access  Control

– Management Console

– Analytics

– Performance monitor

– Health monitoring

onStage SE Bridge has a simple and convenient pricing model and it’s easy to deploy. Several customers are already using onStage SE Bridge with a high level of  satisfaction.

onStage Bridge Screenshot

Next step

onStage SE Bridge is a product of Bizmatica, a leader partner of Genesys at global level. The product is available through direct inquiry to bridge@bizmatica.com and soon on Genesys AppFoundry.