Enabling partner to access information and services

The growing demand for information and services by a particular partner, encouraged Mediobanca to look at their existing system differently. Using onStage they have now enabled their partners to extend their business in real time thus improving partner performance and helping Mediobanca to innovate faster.

For almost 60 years, Mediobanca has assisted its clients with advisory services of the highest caliber offering a complete range of credit instruments, ranging from simpler, more traditional products to the most sophisticated solutions available on the financial market. Today the Mediobanca Group employs some 3,800 staff members and specializes in providing services to both; companies (corporate and investment banking) and households (consumer banking, retail banking and private banking).


Mediobanca’s primary need was to publish a web-app where the general public could apply for personal loans. Outside services had to call this web-app in order to implement certain features such as electronic signatures and document management.


onStage orchestrated all data from legacy systems such as AS400, stored procedures, direct uploads and external systems. Data governance was also a priority, making this implementation a good example of an API Gateway mixed with API Layer functionality.


Due to the successful implementation, Mediobanca was able to realize and create the engine for their Online Personal Loans Web-app and to also implement two different interfaces that both use the engine. One interface concerning the private sector and the other the public sector. Both interfaces have subsequently been branded and sold by Compass to their partners, thus enabling the partners to sell Compass personal loans.

Next step

onStage API Management is the right solution for the management and orchestration
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