Exposing internal services in order to integrate partner solutions

Vodafone was looking for a solution to expose their internal services to their partners. The solution needed to be easily integrated into the partners’ environment while also being able to resell integrated solutions to the Vodafone “Top Business Customers”. onStage API Management has enabled Vodafone to control both the access and opening up of their APIs to their trusted partners and developers.

Vodafone is one of the world’s leading telecommunications groups, with a significant presence in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific. The company has numerous international subsidiary companies, joint ventures, associated partnerships and undertakings and investments.


Vodafone wanted to create a platform to achieve, in an incremental mode, complex and customized services to be exclusively offered to its Top Business Customers. This platform had to bring together a great number of Vodafone foundations and different partner foundations by sharing integrations between the legacy systems of the clients and creating a single view or chart of the Customer’s Journey coupled with relevant analytics. The Digital Exposer is the Hybrid Integration Platform through which Vodafone intends to implement applications to offer to its top business customer and to integrate different partners.


Vodafone chose to build their VDE using onStage as the foundation. This allowed Vodafone to offer not only services but even marketing possibilities to their different clients. Each end-user is given an anonymous unique identifier in the Digital Exposer which enables the client to set up networks between partners and multiplies the user possibilities by providing services and/or shared information. When an end user performs an action the Digital Exposer can engage a business partner who might be interested in the consequences of that action. In this way you can connect an end user to funding, products or services, which might be beneficial to the user.


onStage API Management allows the customers of VDE to extend their project by adding other ecosystem features / applications that benefit the user and have zero negative impact on the system. Each feature / app added subsequently, can in fact, use the scalability inherent to the system and save costs in terms of development. So this creates the scenario where users of onStage are able to integrate existing systems instead of starting each new project from scratch.

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