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Don’t let your data starve in an unmanaged environment

Application Service Governance

APIs allow you to expose your information to other entities for newer business processes.

The growth of the API economy, the pressing need for application rationalization, and the disruptive needs of digital business applications will continue to deeply change the market for application services governance technology and cloud services.

Gartner, The API Economy: Turning Your Business Into a Platform (or Your Platform Into a Business)
19 February 2016

Why is it important to govern Application Services?

Application Service Governance allows your organization to reach 2 major goals

  • Multichannel transformation

    Move application logic from their respective channels to a central orchestrator to reduce the maintenance costs of each individual channel.
    The same services used by the Mobile App can be exposed via API to the Web, Contact Center App, Voice Portals, Social App, Remote branch applications etc.

  • Expose services to third parties

    Overcome the limitations of Enterprise Business solutions by exposing APIs to third-party applications that need to interact with mission critical platforms.
    Efficiently manage the services orchestration, security, performance, auditing, users, versions, and service levels.

Digital Enabler

onStage API Management with its complete orchestration ability unlocks the power of your data, to expose business services in order to enable customers’ digital transformation.
As API Gateway, onStage API Management can

  • Mediate traffic between the API consumers and their back-end servers

  • Allow monitoring of API traffic to collect metrics

  • Secure API access

  • Implement traffic management policies

  • Enable you to secure, protect, manage, and scale API calls

Traffic management center

onStage API Management functions as a real, operating traffic management center, and as such offers precise control of the traffic that involves your APIs.
It is also an excellent option for companies that are concerned about using the public cloud infrastructure or have the need to ensure traffic in geographical areas where the cloud-based providers do not yet offer local services.

onStage API Management acts as a control point for managing how internal users and applications are exposed externally and reduces security risks related to the cloud.
onStage API Management allows businesses to gain as much advantage as possible from existing investments in Identity and Access Management, extending also to mobile applications, cloud services and enterprise apps, Authentication policies and Risk policies, all without changing the back-end applications.

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