Hybrid Integration Platform



Merge Cloud to Ground and get everything connected

What is an HIP?

The integration of different enterprise systems has traditionally required different technologies from different vendors. Managing all these suppliers, however, can be challenging. To cope with this, hybrid integration platforms are beginning to enable multi-faceted integrations from a single tool or source: in this way, organizations can use one technology to let on-premise systems and / or cloud services communicate with each other.
onStage API Management is a Hybrid Integration Platform designed to federate cloud technologies and on-premise technologies as well as addressing the most diverse usage cases: integration of cloud services, integration of mobile apps, B2B integration, Big Data integration, IoT integration and implementation of APIs. onStage API Management thus facilitates the sharing of information between applications, people, processes, and devices.

Modernize aging Back Office systems and integration processes

Cloud computing offers numerous opportunities to the IT sector and the relevant business of on-demand access to modern IT resources which aid the development of new applications, as well as the execution of already existing applications. onStage API Management is a secure, dedicated Hybrid Integration Platform that supports both existing applications and the development of new applications, offering a common platform which effortlessly extends your existing data center to the cloud.
As a pure integration platform, onStage API Management can be used in any of the possible hybrid configurations: it gives you the ability to deploy your applications into the best positions to meet your safety, performance, and availability requirements, along with the ability to easily move applications between Ground and Cloud environments.

If you want to increase the pace of your innovation process, you can rely on onStage

  • Effortless interaction

    All the relevant roles: Application Managers, API Developers, Client Application Developers, Administrators in your organization who need to collaborate can interact almost effortlessly and easily share data and processes.

  • Simulaneous development

    The development of a service and the development of the application that will implement that same service can proceed simulaneously

  • All technologies

    The technologies that can be integrated include existing technologies (e.g. mobile apps, cloud services, Business Intelligence, Web streaming) and new technologies (e.g. IoT, chatter bot, real-time messages)

Next step

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