Enable access from mobile app to banking services

The way people access a company’s services is changing. Clients demand answers anywhere, anytime on any device in a fast and secure way. Leveraging onStage API Management enables Compass to provide their clients with a smooth mobile customer support experience, exposing the more traditional banking service to mobile users.

Compass is a subsidiary of the Mediobanca Group. Since 1960 it has been the leader in the consumer credit market, focused mainly on families’ needs and providing safe and reliable solutions in payment options and insurance services.


Compass needed to publish a B2C mobile app for mobile banking. This app needed to expose APIs to the Compass CRM for sending push messages and integrating campaign management systems.


onStage orchestrated all data both from the legacy systems and from external sources. The result was an app that re-used already implemented services, offered the same functionalities on both iOS and Android devices and, above all, paid special attention to the mobile customer experience.

Next step

onStage API Management is the right solution for the management and orchestration
of your data that needs to be exposed to the Internet.