API Layer

API Layer

The right solution

The right solution

Get ready to expose your data more quickly: connecting multiple applications has never been easier

First point of contact

To build tomorrow’s applications we use yesterday’s technologies: this can be clearly seen in the world of mobile applications. The traditional architecture that worked well for Web applications was not effective anymore, so the technological world came up with a new solution: the central bus for integration or an ESB.

But the technological world kept developing and changing. Currently companies prefer non-monolithic solutions and have developed numerous applications both on-premise and in the cloud to meet their business needs. There are also a huge number of lightweight APIs distributed everywhere and being constantly consumed by other applications of every type. In this complex modern scenario, it is almost impossible to fully utilize an ESB to its full capacity, hence the importance of an API Server witch is able to manage all the internal services needed (just like an ESB) but is also able to operate on a cloud level.

Less is more

onStage API Management enables the creation of a next-generation application stack: the apps are at the front end and connect to the API layer, exchanging data that is merged and orchestrated from the various business services.

Unlike an ESB, onStage API Management is designed to be the first point of contact for applications.

The advantages are clear:

  • Less technologies involved

  • Less expense

  • Less security issues to manage

  • Better time-to-market

  • Possibility to adopt the bimodal approach

  • Self-service tools for developers

Next Step

Next Step

Success cases

Telecom Italia Mobile’s story is an apt example of how onStage API Management successfully served as API Layer.

Curious to learn more about how onStage API Management enables the bimodal approach? Read to find out how UniCredit developed its own solution and why their story is now another positive addition to our page of success stories.

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