Discover how onStage works as
an orchestrator, as an adapter and
as a firewall

Discover onStage Api Management

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onStage API Management is the right solution for the management and orchestration of your data that needs to be exposed to the Internet.

onStage is written in Java and works as an orchestrator, as an adapter and as a firewall.

  • as an orchestrator, because for every single call onStage can choose how many Services have to be invoked, mixed together and re-shaped into a single response;
  • as an adapter, obecause while receiving an HTTP call it can with little effort utilize any protocol you desire: even SOAP, even if SOAP was initially only designed for internal use. The only adapter limitation is Java;
  • as a firewall, because it’s situated between the client application and the internal Enterprise Business Services; from where, it acts as a control point for managing how internal users and application assets are exposed to outside elements while reducing API related security risks.

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