Mobile app SDK generator

Mobile app SDK generator

The right solution

The right solution

Accelerate the creation of mobile apps

Expose your data to the mobile world

Accelerate your mobile strategy by relieving your IT department of any data governance issues and responsibilities.

API Management mobile ready

API Management mobile ready onStage API Management enables mobile application development by using generated libraries (both native and Hybrid) and thus realizing a complete corporate SDK for mobile App developers.

Free from code dependencies, onStage API Management enables come out of the box features related to the mobile world:

“Mobile developers introduce rich and numerous functionalities to their apps by adopting a wide range of third-party cloud-services: push notifications, integration of social networks, mobile analytics, and geolocation. However these features often change from operating system to operating system, not to mention that whenever a change is made on the service platform, a change of code is required. onStage API Management frees mobile developers from code dependencies.”

  • App lifecycle management (sessions/users etc.)

  • App versioning with governance processes

  • Push messages

  • Geolocalization

Next Step

Next Step

Success cases

Among the success stories that feature onStage API Management there is one that well depicts how our solution can be used for the development of mobile apps

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