What does it do

onStage API Management is the right solution for the management and orchestration of your data that has to be exposed to the Internet.

The need for companies to expose information to other entities has become a critical business factor. Hence: the API Economy, where web-enabled software has become the standard for business processes and also allows the user the possibility to generate revenue.

As an Integration Platform
onStage API Management

  • Allows easy Integration with customer’s back end systems

  • Handles the customer front end, or manages and orchestrates this if other partners are involved

  • Allows for easy replication of clients’ business product or service

The goal

The goal of onStage API Management is to allow an organization that publishes one or more APIs, to monitor the interfaces’ lifecycle and ensure that the needs of developers and client applications are being met.

onStage API Management tools
provide the following functions:

  • Automation and control of connections between an API and the applications using the API

  • Ensuring consistency between multiple API implementations and versions

  • Monitoring traffic from individual apps

  • Providing memory management and caching mechanisms to improve application performance

  • Protecting APIs from misuse by wrapping them in security procedures and policies

  • Merging and orchestrating data thus enabling bimodal approach and accelerating the go to market

Key capabilities

API management
  • Design and deploy REST APIs for integration, cloud, mobile, B2B, and IoT projects
  • Furnish your partners with self-service management tools (i.e.: Developer Portal, Test Services, mockup generation utilities)
  • Manage APIs lifecycle
  • Add governance to your infrastructure
Cloud integrationMobile back-end integrationSOA governanceLegacy Gateway Replacement
  • Secure and optimize the data flows to/from the cloud

  • Enable SSO and control all access across cloud and on-premise applications

  • Integrate and connect with SaaS applications through the available connectors, such as Interactive Intelligence
  • Expose your functionalities
    as native app libraries

  • Manage entire application lifecycle

  • Easily manage push messages

  • Leverage existing enterprise legacy systems for mobile access
  • Govern lifecycle of APIs

  • Monitor the real usage of your data

  • Manage REST APIs to prevent unauthorized usage, data access or attacks
  • Designed for cloud and mobile access

  • Perform faster and easier than other software gateway products

  • Converge omni-channel communication
    in a single platform
API Security and Threat Protection
  • Protect against external attacks with built-in security
  • Enforce fine-grained access control
  • Implement encryption, authentication, authorization, and other policies

Hybrid Integration at its best

Explore the flexibility of modern integration tools and processes

Ground to Ground (on-premise solution)

Managing the integration between enterprise systems traditionally required a hefty investment of both time and money. With onStage API Management you can enjoy the same integration results, faster and without building complex infrastructures: you will also be able to respond much more quickly to the changing needs of integration.

Cloud to Ground (hybrid cloud solution)

Chances are that you already own on-premise systems, that you have invested time and money in – but at the same time you also use more modern cloud-based services. The two technologies do not always communicate easily with each other creating a hiccup in the sharing of data and processes. Using onStage API Management to build an intermediate layer through which Cloud and Ground applications can interact, this problem is easily taken care of. In this way your on-premise systems can be easily transformed into cloud-connected platforms.

Cloud to Cloud (full cloud solution)

The current growth of services offered in Cloud (PaaS, SaaS) has enabled companies to be more productive and to improve the efficiency and automation of their processes: companies simply need to integrate applications and to share data and business processes. onStage API Management is a native integration platform for Cloud that provides total Cloud-to-Cloud integration control in multi-tenancy or dedicated instances.

Hybrid Integration (HIP solution)

Lastly, onStage API Management allows the deployment and placement of applications into the best positions in order to meet your safety, performance, and availability requirements. onStage also facilitates the easy movement of applications between Ground and Cloud environments. The platform enables a geographically distributed multi-connector.

Enabling a new digital strategy, exposing internal information to the community
The world is becoming more open. There has been an important shift in the ecosystem around us, and APIs are becoming an essential key in every process. API management by onStage has enabled Amplifon to manage information quickly and accurately for their growing community of users, while ensuring scalability and flexibility.
Enabling access from mobile app to banking services
The way people access a company’s services is changing. Clients want answers at any time, any place and on any device, in a fast and secure way. Leveraging onStage API Management allows consumers a smooth mobile customer support experience, exposing traditional banking services to mobile users.
Enabling partner access to information and services
Due to the growing demand for information and services by their partners, Mediobanca began to view their system in a different way. Thanks to onStage, Mediobanca’s partners are now able to extend their business in real time, improving their performance and thus helping Mediobanca to innovate more quickly.

A new data model to share information and services

Enhancing customer experience on all types of mobile devices is the priority of Telecom Italia Mobile. Using onStage API Management as an orchestrator they are now able to fully utilize existing infrastructure, despite the complexity, without any changes to the infrastructure and without concern about where information is retrieved.
Expose internal services to integrate partner solutions
Vodafone was looking for a smart solution to expose their internal services to their partners. The solution needed to be easily integrated into the partners’ environment while also being able to resell integrated solutions to the Vodafone Top Business Customers. onStage API Management has enabled Vodafone to control both the access and opening up of APIs to their trusted partners and developers.

Next step

onStage API Management is the right solution for the management and orchestration of your data that needs to be exposed to the Internet.