Success stories


Developing and implementing a new digital strategy, exposing internal information to the community

The world is becoming more open. There has been an important shift in the ecosystem around us, and APIs are becoming a key element of every process. API management by onStage enabled Amplifon to quickly and accurately manage information for their growing community while ensuring scalability and flexibility.

Enable access from mobile app to banking services

The way people access to company’s services is changing. They want answer at any time, in any place and on any device in a fast and secure way. Leveraging onStage API Management gives their consumers a smooth mobile customer support experience, exposing traditional banking service to mobile users.

Enabling partner to access information and services

The growing demand for information and services by a particular partner, encouraged Mediobanca to look at their existing system differently. Using onStage they have now enabled their partners to extend their business in real time thus improving partner performance and helping Mediobanca to innovate faster.

New data model for sharing information and services on mobile devices

Enhancing customer experience across all type of mobile devices was Telecom Italia Mobile’s main priority. Using onStage API Management as an orchestrator they were able to fully utilize the advantages of the existing infrastructure, despite its complexity, without changes to the infrastructure and without concerns about where information was retrieved.

Integrating new payment investigation platform

Unicredit considers API strategy the key to answering market needs in a fast and secure way. Through onStage API Management they expose their back end system both internally and to the business process management thus improving governance and SLA of the entire system.

Exposing internal services in order to integrate partner solutions

Vodafone was looking for a solution to expose their internal services to their partners. The solution needed to be easily integrated into the partners’ environment while also being able to resell integrated solutions to the Vodafone “Top Business Customers”. onStage API Management has enabled Vodafone to control both the access and opening up of their APIs to their trusted partners and developers.

Next step

onStage API Management is the right solution for the management and orchestration of your data that needs to be exposed to the Internet.